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Apr. 3rd, 2006 @ 12:20 pm (no subject)
So I guess I am adjusting to life on sleeping pills because I am getting better at sleeping on them last night. I'm also convinced last nights nightmare had a point. Ever since I've turned 13 I have suffered from night terrors, but I have yet to have a dream where I wake up and five minutes later fall back into like it was paused. It kept repeating everything so I have to believe there was some kind of point to it. At least the pills are working though. I just hope to get passed them and return to sleeping normal again.

I did get a lot of the huge stuff out of the way today. Turning in your equipment is the hardest part of clearing the post and I got a huge portion of it knocked out. I just have to do some follow up paperwork which is good. Sadly however; the easier it gets to transfer to Bragg the more my reasons to go their disappear. I should have gone to Lewis or Wainwright like I wanted to and just said 'fuck it' to everyone involved.

So the burn on my face from my first bar fight this weekend has healed up too. At least I got a scar defending a pretty woman (of course she would have to be a lesbian ;) ) scars just feel more worthwhile when you get them doing something. Speaking of which after seeing V for Vendetta I find a lot of my problems with the military and the system disappearing. It gave me a nice reminder of why things are worth fighting for.
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